Kathy Wyckoff


Project and Executive Assistant

Kathy Wyckoff, InSites associate, has provided project, administrative, and publications support for InSites since 1999. Previously, Kathy worked as a freelance desktop publisher specializing in document design. She has designed publications and user manuals for wildland management software for the Bureau of Land Management through the Environmental Science and Technology Center at Colorado State University and for surveying and civil engineering software for a software development company in Loveland, Colorado. For 17 years, Kathy was the graphic/layout designer for Collage, the award-winning newsmagazine of the Colorado Art Educators Association. In 2013, she received CAEA’s Distinguished Service Outside the Profession award. Kathy also spent several years designing training manuals and workbooks for a Fort Collins training and courseware developer serving Fortune 500 companies. Kathy is proud to say she is the mother of two happily married and gainfully employed children, has two wonderful grandsons, and is an artist and a crafter living in beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado, with her husband and dogs.





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InSites, a Colorado-based nonprofit organization, promotes learning, growth, and change through inquiry and collaboration. We help people build relationships, and change social systems based on results, values, and attention to a desired and sustainable, fair future for all.


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