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Marah Moore is the founder and Director of i2i Institute in Taos, New Mexico. i2i Institute (inquiry to insight) is a consulting firm committed to strengthening the quality of community-based work across multiple sectors. i2i services include program and initiative design, development, and evaluation; policy research and analysis; and training and technical assistance. Marah holds a Master’s degree in Community and Regional Planning (MCRP) from the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, and has been working in the field of evaluation and planning for over 20 years. She founded i2i Institute in 1994, and has since led more than 50 evaluation studies and provided numerous workshops and trainings within New Mexico, nationally, and internationally. For the past ten years both evaluation and training efforts have been grounded in systems thinking. Prior to founding i2i Institute, Marah was the Community/Professional Education Coordinator (1988-1991) for Albuquerque Rape Crisis Center, and an instructor (1990-1991), and a demographer (1991-1993) at the University of New Mexico. Marah is an associate with the Human Systems Dynamic Institute, and has served on the epidemiological workgroup for the New Mexico Department of Health.





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